Joint Relief for Flexible Joints & Muscles

Quick, Powerful Clinically Tested Formula

  • The Natural Way to Manage your Discomfort
  • Quick, Powerful Proven Joint Relief
  • Live a More Active Lifestyle
  • No Known Side Effects

How Panitrol Works

The combination of herbs in Panitrol work synergistically to help relief stiff achy joints and support cartilage repair. Panitrol's Original formula has been clinically tested and is totally safe with no known side effects or drug interactions. Stay healthy and active!

The Clinical Study Says It All

In a Human Clinical Trial performed by Fenestra Research Labs, (The World Leader in Wellness Studies) A 30-day, 75-subject study was drawn from a large population of joint related patients.

  • Type of Pain or Ailment

Discomfort Chart Meter of Patients on Panitrol

  • Day 1: All subjects were at a Discomfort level of 9 to 10 Prior to Study
  • Week 2: Only 53.1% Reported Discomfort level 9 to 10
  • Week 3: 85.7% reported no discomfort
  • Week 4: 100% Reported NO DISCOMFORT


  Panitrol with MSM Flex-a-min® Osteo Bi-Flex® Move Free Advanced®
MSM Contains MSM Contains MSM Contains MSM Contains MSM
Juniper Contains MSM      
Goldenrod Contains MSM      
Dandelion Contains MSM      
Meadowsweet Contains MSM      
Willow Contains MSM Contains MSM    
90 Days Risk Free Contains MSM      

Panitrol is a new joint and muscle breakthrough product.

The combination of all natural herbs in Panitrol work synergistically to help protect, support healthy joints and improve flexibility and mobility. Panitrol is an effective all natural joint and muscle supplement alternative. Panitrol is totally safe with no known side effects or drug interactions.

Live a more active life with healthy joints and muscles. Within about 30 days or less it's proven to relieve joints discomfort.

Here is the mechanism by which Panitrol helps to reduce inflammation, swelling of joints and muscles.

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How the Herbs in PANITROL Work

The three primary symptoms of joint and muscle discomfort are pain, inflammation, and swelling. They are inter-related and each can help make the symptom suite self-propagating. Panitrol mounts a three-pronged attack on these symptoms using properties from all five herbal extracts working synergistically and in concert.

What Panitrol Users are Saying:

Kenneth F - Utah

In 1968 I was buried in a trench when I tried to rescue another person. I had a damaged shoulder, left forearm and had sustained internal injuries and cracked ribs. For years I had trouble with my left shoulder and right ankle and was taking many different drugs for discomfort. I had surgery and as a result did not have to take anymore drugs for my injuries.
I have to take OTC relievers for my daily discomfort and two months ago I tried the 90 day Panitrol challenge. At the time I started the Panitrol, I was taking six to eight capsules of a popular OTC pain reliever per day, and I was still in severe discomfort. Within four days of starting the Panitrol, I noticed a reduction in the level of discomfort and was able to get out of bed without severe discomfort and stiffness. I have been living discomfort free for the last two months thanks to PANITROL! For me PANITROL met the challenge!!!

Toni C - Florida

When I called today to order an extra bottle of Panitrol for my upcoming trip, I was raving about what a MIRACLE Panitrol was for me. Living most of my life with the discomfort of joint and muscle pain, having it for 45 years and I just celebrated my 60th birthday, I have literally been on nearly every drug that has come on the market over the years. Seems like each year I try the latest and greatest. You see, when you live with such discomfort, you will really try anything.

That is when I read on the internet about the Panitrol Challenge. I thought, "Why not!" I tried it and felt good right away. More importantly I was able to get completely off my other prescriptions and as I still felt better and better. I was very worried that I would start to feel the discomfort from being off my prescriptions but still I feel great three weeks later. I am recommending Panitrol to everyone I know who suffers with joint and muscle discomort, it truly is a Miracle remedy.

Thanks Toni C